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My Hosting Provider Has Suspended My WordPress Website

It is common for hosting providers to suspend WordPress websites hosted on a shared service that has been hacked by hackers. This is because a website that has been compromised with Malware or malicious code can have a negative impact on the shared server hosting resources and performance which in turn affects other WordPress websites hosted on the server.

The hosting provider will Suspend your website which effectively takes your website, and online business offline.

The hosting company will not allow you to bring your website back online until you have completed the following steps.

  1. Locate and remove all Malware or malicious code from your website.
  2. Update WordPress and themes plus plugins to the latest versions.
  3. Reset all your Cpanel, FTP, and Email passwords.
  4. Complete a malware scan on your website to ensure it is 100% free of  Malware or malicious code.
  5. Once you have completed all the above steps the restriction will be removed by the shared hosting provider and your website will be allowed back online.